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Why does hypnosis work?

98% of everything that goes on inside is controlled by the central nervous system…

The other 2% is controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

The Autonomic Nervous System controls…

• Our hormones

• Our immune system

• Our metabolism

• Our soft parts

• But also the pain formation called reflex dystrophy, ie CRPS.

The central nervous system controls…

• Our pain

• Our self-perception

• Our sex drive

• Our balances / imbalances

• Eating habits / habits

• Our senses

• Our cravings / habits

• Our anxiety / insecurity

• Our Sadness

• But also such great functions as the Heart, the Breathing and the blood flowing in our veins

Some Yogis have allowed themselves to be buried alive, after which they just live on as if nothing had happened.

These are people who are said to be able to sit in Lotus position and soar up from the ground, other stories go that they can fly. I DON'T BELIEVE THIS…

On the other hand, believe that the Yogis can make a difference. I believe that the Yogis can do something that the Western world just has not opened its eyes to yet. The yogis are never sick either physically or mentally, and are the oldest people in the world…

The Yogis are a Tibetan people living in monasteries that are said to have beyond human capabilities.


Who is the Yogi`s?

I heard about the Yogis for approx. 12 years ago, so after more than 30 years of searching, I find, by chance, why hypnosis works. At the time, I heard about an English research group that contacted the Yogis, after which they made a good agreement with them to try to meditate inside an MRI-Scanner. The pictures then show that with the Yogis`s meditation, they could activate a small gland at the top of our head, which is called the Pineal gland (the cone gland).

This gland is no larger than a rice grain, is eye-shaped and can when it is affected (activated, a secretion, Melatonin (a sleep hormone), this is used in tablet form for ADHD children who have trouble sleeping. so that when we sleep at night we produce Melatonin, through the Pinial gland, this is usually activated by the light (the sun) .It was found that this secret has a strong healing and healing effect on pretty much everything the body and mind have of disorders. Melatonin is so strongly healing that if a client with Leukemia (blood cancer) can heal cancer cells.

"I have always been a worrier. I worry about everything from the minute I wake up until the second I fall asleep. It's like a weight that I carry with me everywhere I go. It affects my work, my relationships, and my overall quality of life. I tried everything - therapy, medication, meditation - but nothing really seemed to make a difference. That is, until I discovered the Hypnotic-app Audio File.

Adam Norris, Client

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Hypnosis comes from the Greek Hypnos, which is their sleep god, we do not have such a "guy" in The rest of the World, we have MR Sandman, but he is not a god, is he?